The Snow Queen

snow queen

For Illustration Friday – Tales and Legends
Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen



12 thoughts on “The Snow Queen

  1. Valeria

    You were kind enough to pass by and leave a comment on my illu, I thought it would be good to come and say hello. And since I’m here I add that I like this illustration a lot.

  2. berg

    she looks familiar. but i can’t pinpoint who she reminds me of.

    i see in her eyes a longing for something… warm weather perhaps? maybe she’s sick of the snow hehehe. but honestly, this is magnificent… she looks so posh yet human because of the eyes.

  3. nancy

    im looking at her and thinking, ‘well she’s haughty.’

    but her eyes look sad somehow. i suppose its because of that piece of glass stuck in her eye, the one that made her cold.


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