Little Wanderer


The little wanderer wants to visit a star but there are so many.
Should she choose the red one that smiles or
the white one that winks or the blue one that reminds her of home?

Illustration Friday – Choose
Inspire Me Thursday – Whimsy

acrylic on paper


33 thoughts on “Little Wanderer

  1. johanna

    Thanks Debbie, Ginger, Chelise, Ella, Chris and Willie! πŸ™‚

    Ella, yup it was inspired by The Little Prince. I’ve loved that book since I was little.

  2. mishka

    I love all the color and texture in this piece! It also has a lot of emotion in it’s tonality. You’ve definitely set a mood. Conceptually, it reminds me a bit of “The Little Prince” but it is so very different. Well done!

    ps I wrote this comment before I read up the page at the comments above it. πŸ˜›

  3. berg

    pick the blue one, girl! if you know what’s good for ya! coz we all know, the red one could just upside down, and the white one’s creepy… winking at a little girl?! hello?!?! ew!

    seriously though, this is fantastic. reminds me of “The Little Prince”… a great book I’ve always loved ever since I was 20 years old. *ahem* not too long ago *cough*.

    I agree with everybody’s adjectives above. wonderful work, joh! i’d like one of a boy, so that i could put the picture in my room and always be reminded of the little prince whenever i feel lost. πŸ™‚

  4. nancy


    the red one that smiles!

    this reminds me of the little prince(whom i love) who came from planet with 3 volcanoes and befriended a friendly fox.

    p.s. hehehe i just read the comments above. everybody’s thinking the same thing.

  5. mark

    Yeah, the little prince is wonderful. Hey remember that news story where they found one of the original drawings in a flea market in Japan?

  6. Pattie

    She will KNOW exactly which one when she listens to her heart!
    Great sentiment in this piece…the viewer can feel it without the
    words…at least I can!!


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