Sky’s Wish


There was once a girl from the sky who wished to touch the ocean
and her tears fell from a cloud when she was sad.


This was doodled on a crumpled piece of paper when I was feeling down one night.
I wasn’t really thinking about what I was drawing and this was what came out
I added the colors later.


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24 thoughts on “Sky’s Wish

  1. velvet

    thats a lovely start of a story and a truly amazing art! and.. erm.. pinoy! 8) thanks for droppin by my blog.. i’ll add you to my links in a while..

    you have such a great blog!

  2. berg

    if i just saw this somewhere else like at a gallery and not know who did it, i’d probably tell you “that looks like something you could have done.” my point… its like a signature or something… so you hehe!

  3. Ella

    Love the shapes, especially the face. With the colors you added later it creates a rather unique mood. I can’t help but make up a story about the person…

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  5. Chris Leavens

    I like this one a lot. The girl not only evokes a sense of melancholy, but also a certain amount of serenity. The clouds and the waves are excellent. Nice work yet again, Johanna.

  6. carla

    Sometimes these serendipitous pieces are the most wonderful! The line work against the rough background is very effective, and the sentiment comes through so well. Thhis is lovely and touching.


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