Flower Girl


Immediately there sprang up a flower, shaped like a tulip, and as the petals slowly opened,
there in the midst of the flower sat a pretty little maiden.

– Hans Christian Andersen, Thumbelina

Illustration Friday – Garden
Inspire Me Thursday – Whimsy


21 thoughts on “Flower Girl

  1. Paper Pictures

    This is beautiful. I really like how’s she’s framed by her black hair. It really draws you into the picture.

  2. deborah mori

    Wow, what a great illustration! Did you create this digitally?
    In regards to the giant sock monkey on my blog, I found it at a store called PaperSource and the website is http://www.paper-source.com. It is a fabulous store, I am sure you will love it. There were several stuffed monkeys there is some other colors but I don’t remember how many other colors as I couldn’t get past the green (my favorite color!)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Chris

    Great job, as usual. I love the colors and the softness of everything. On a side note, my wife and I looked through your site and links. We’re massively impressed with your work — your photos are stunning.

  4. johanna

    thanks so much for your comments everybody! πŸ™‚

    hi deborah, the girl and the flower were painted using acrylics. the background was done in photoshop. thanks for the link! paper source is amazing


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