To Be Free



Illustration Friday – Enough
Inspire Me Thursday – Inkblot



17 thoughts on “To Be Free

  1. whypaisley

    now that one is so right up my alley so dark and noir… oh i love it!!!!!! i would love to use it as poetic inspiration sometime, withyour permission of course.. please contact me with your thoughts on the matter….

  2. carla

    Oooh… this is splendidly mysterious! It makes me think of twilight when you see shapes of things in the shadows… are they there? or is it a trick of the eye? beautiful work!

  3. Chris

    Oh, this one’s from March. I thought I’d seen it before. Nice work — I like the multiple faces and the textures. I always like your work.

  4. johanna Post author

    @chris: yeah, it’s an old one πŸ™‚ i haven’t had time to draw or paint for IF last week.

    thanks bodecia, gaia, mixed media martyr and chris! πŸ™‚


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