Waiting and Fading

And I’m waiting
with the sound turned off
I’m waiting
Like a glass balloon
And I’m fading
Into the void
And then I’m gone
I’m gone, I’m gone…

– Marilyn Manson
Illustration Friday – Wrinkles

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15 thoughts on “Waiting and Fading

  1. Chris

    I love the lines on his face and the scraggly hair. Your background textures are always so interesting. Great, as I’ve come to expect!

  2. jazmin

    so Johanna Velasco? Please to meet you, and thanks for droping by my blog. You’ve met my alter ego there: Machete Velasco.

  3. Smiler

    That’s a very cool drawing. And the background makes the whole thing so mysterious. It could be a character from some dark cartoon. Thanks for your visit to my blog!

  4. johanna

    @gloomy coughs – what happens next? no one knows 🙂 he was last seen outside, gazing thoughtfully at the sky and then he was gone.

    @jazmin – nice to meet you, ms velasco 🙂 your alter ego machete looks like he can crush me with one fist but i’m sure he won’t 🙂 hehe i love your illustrations

    hello everybody,
    thank you very much for visiting and leaving your comments 🙂 i’ve visited all your sites and your illustrations are amazing


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