Last Glance

These are unfinished paintings inspired by the book Life of Pi – about a boy who, after a shipwreck,
finds himself adrift in the Pacific ocean with an orangutan, a dying zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger.
One of the parts I remember vividly is near the end of the story, when only the boy and the tiger are
left and they finally reach an island. The tiger leaps out of the boat and pauses and the boy thinks it
would stop and look at him for the last time but it doesn’t. It bounds into the jungle and disappears
from his life forever.
Sometimes I wish the tiger and the boy had one last farewell glance, a sort of acknowledgment
of their many months in the boat together, lost at sea.
Illustration Friday – Island



37 thoughts on “Last Glance

  1. mark

    johanna! I watched you do this and I thought it would look so awesome! you really shine when you do portraits, i love it so much – we should hang it on the wall

  2. johanna Post author

    thanks so much, everybody! πŸ™‚

    @stace: i have to add some more details, a few more highlights, some shadows and fix some other things there πŸ™‚

  3. Nancy

    This is so beautiful! Your technique is simply amazing. I also liked that book and remember the “trueness” of that scene…how he wanted the Hollywood Goodbye of meaningful glances but got instead: reality.

  4. velvet

    yey! i finally found your blog again.. now time to bookmark you so i can return more often..

    its always nice to see your wonderful paintings and artworks kababayan *wink 8D


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