Monthly Archives: April 2009

Broken Dancer


They told the broken dancer that she’d never dance again.

I can  dance, she said.

No, they said, you’re broken. And they left her alone in the dark.

Then one day they found her on the floor with wings at her back and with a quiet smile she flew up into the sky.
And danced and danced and danced.
Illustration Friday – Impossibility



When we’re swamped with work and thinking of all the photos that we have to take and all the deadlines that
we have to meet, we sometimes forget the reasons why we started taking pictures. So we’ve put up this blog
not as a place  to showcase our best work  but a place where we go back to the pure bliss of capturing the world –
the colorful and the faded, the lost and the lonely, the hopeful and the happy, the painful and the poignant, the
beautiful and the strange.
There are no whys or hows behind each photo there. Just stories and questions and feelings and seeing things
with new eyes. Some (or many) photos may not even be particularly beautiful but each one is a moment captured
– a moment that’s happening once, and only once, in the entire history of universe. A moment that passes by too
fast and will never happen again. And if we’ve captured a few of those, well, that’s enough for us. It’s always these
little moments that matter.