Last Wish

Inspire Me Thursday – Crayons
When I saw this week’s Inspire Me Thursday prompt I couldn’t help smiling. I had a lot of happy memories with crayons when I was little. I dug up my old grade school crayons and brought them to the studio. There were many broken pieces and a lot of colors were missing but some old favorites were still there – salmon, periwinkle, goldenrod and bittersweet.Β  I felt like a kid again πŸ™‚

paint and crayons on paper


23 thoughts on “Last Wish

  1. valgalart

    Crayons? Incredible!!! It is exquisite and delicate and I know that only your nimble fingers and mind could create this exquiste piece with crayons!!!

  2. Chris

    Your work is even great when Crayolaed! Awesome glow on the flame. Also, the way the image just sort of fades out/stops in the lower right is really nice. It’s leaves a bright spot that balances with the dark in the upper left perfectly.


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